Interviews Gone Wrong

The Burping Personal Assistant
I had an interview today for a management position that was paying 140K, so I was excited to meet the candidate for the upcoming interview. The interview started off a little awkward with the applicant asking if we could switch positions in the interview room due to the issue of sitting with his back to the door.
I gave the candidate some specific notes to take during the interview and instead of writing them down he asked if I could shoot him a quick email with all the details; while by rambling off about 5 burps in a row without excusing himself. He called me a couple days later to inquire about the email he asked me to send and when I would be setting up an interview with the company... I let him know the position had been filled!
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Got Bed Head?

I had an applicant show up for an interview with her family in the lobby. When I
met her in the conference room, her wig was twisted and almost off the side of
her head. It was very difficult maintaining eye contact with her as the desire
to reach up and straighten her wig was very strong. During the interview, she
told me that while she had relatively little experience, she needed to make at
least $16.00 per hour in order to justify taking a job. She had very poor
communication skills, wrinkled clothing and looked like she had just rolled out
of the bed - the interview occurred at 2:00 in the

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Did you just call me Cowboy?

I had a candidate come in for an interview wearing what I considered beach attire. He was completely overbearing, called me cowboy and let me get in very little during the interview. In fact it got to the point where I had to ask him to listen and stop leading the interview. How this guy ran a multi-million dollar company I have no idea, but I know why he no longer works there!

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The Booger Interview

I literally had an interview where the candidate had a huge booger hanging out of his nose. When I informed him of this he began to pick the booger and it fell on the desk. He cleaned it up with a tissue I provided. He then abruptly excused himself and left. It was so uncomfortable.

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He Didn't Wash his Hands!

Not too long ago I had an appointment with a candidate. While  in the  restroom washing my hands I happened to notice someone walk out of the  bathroom stall without washing his hands, “gross”,  I thought. This in one of my  biggest pet peeves, since I come in contact with people on a daily basis and  would prefer not to pick up some germs. This is where the story gets  good, I went back to my office and the receptionist rang me to inform me my 1:30  appointment was in the lobby. Low and behold my 1:30 was the person from the bathroom!  I met the candidate at the front and sure enough they reached out to shake my  hand.  I informed them I had arthritis, so I was unable to shake his hand. I  think he knew I saw him in the restroom. I showed him to the interview and  excused myself for one brief second to inform our receptionist that he had not  washed his hands in the bathroom, she just gazed
at her hands for a brief  second… I take it that she shook his hand!

I had a candidate ask if she should list her last employer on her resume. I asked her about the position and she explained that she was a stripper but mainly hosted so thought it would be good for breaking into the hospitality industry. My reply…uh, no.

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A Huge drop of drool came out of candidate's mouth while listening to a question. He never wiped it off or even acted as anything ever happened.

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I recall an interview with someone who really bagged her former employer. I asked why she left her last job and she said, “Well, it just was not a good fit”. (She was fired.) I replied, “Tell me why it was not a good fit”. She said, with her eyes brightening up, “You’re not supposed to say anything negative about your former employer and I know that, but, you won’t care. This lady I worked for was crazy.” Turns out somehow during the conversation she even told me that this lady, the owner’s wife, was jealous of her because she wore very skimpy clothes and was flirtatious. She said she liked to wear skimpy clothes and she knew the owner (husband) loved it. Then she kept telling me how this lady was always mean to her and blah…blah…blah….

I thought…..really, did you just share that with me?

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