Interviews Gone Wrong

Finalist -

He Didn't Wash his Hands!

Not too long ago I had an appointment with a candidate. While  in the  restroom washing my hands I happened to notice someone walk out of the  bathroom stall without washing his hands, “gross”,  I thought. This in one of my  biggest pet peeves, since I come in contact with people on a daily basis and  would prefer not to pick up some germs. This is where the story gets  good, I went back to my office and the receptionist rang me to inform me my 1:30  appointment was in the lobby. Low and behold my 1:30 was the person from the bathroom!  I met the candidate at the front and sure enough they reached out to shake my  hand.  I informed them I had arthritis, so I was unable to shake his hand. I  think he knew I saw him in the restroom. I showed him to the interview and  excused myself for one brief second to inform our receptionist that he had not  washed his hands in the bathroom, she just gazed
at her hands for a brief  second… I take it that she shook his hand!

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