Interviews Gone Wrong

I recall an interview with someone who really bagged her former employer. I asked why she left her last job and she said, “Well, it just was not a good fit”. (She was fired.) I replied, “Tell me why it was not a good fit”. She said, with her eyes brightening up, “You’re not supposed to say anything negative about your former employer and I know that, but, you won’t care. This lady I worked for was crazy.” Turns out somehow during the conversation she even told me that this lady, the owner’s wife, was jealous of her because she wore very skimpy clothes and was flirtatious. She said she liked to wear skimpy clothes and she knew the owner (husband) loved it. Then she kept telling me how this lady was always mean to her and blah…blah…blah….

I thought…..really, did you just share that with me?

Author: Anonymous

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